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TrackMan 4 is the worlds leading, most powerful and accurate launch monitor. Utilising dual radar technology to give maximum data, TrackMan is the preferred choice of the worlds elite coaches and players.

The Dual Radar Technology enables more data to be captured due to its focsed, high resolution radar beam, the Trackman 4 launch monitor provides the user with the greatest detail and accuracy of the club and ball at the moment of impact. far more so than a single radar unit. This precise and conclusive data is perfect for analysis and diagnosis of  any golfers game.

TrackMan 4 Golf Radar.jpg

TrackMan 4 measures and displays the full trajectory of any shot from 6ft pitches to 400yd drives, pinpointing the landing position. It also maps the shots real time 3D trajectory toether with 26 imact and ball flight parameters. These include club delivery factors like club path, face angle and attack angle along with ball flight characteristics like carry, height and curve


This optically enhanced launch monitor captures every little detail with outstanding precision, including the balls impact location on the club face. no markers required. impact location is an important factor in understanding why the ball flys the way it does.

Screenshot (123).png

Tracy is at the forefront of AI in the golf industry. Tracy shows insights into a players performance makes recomendations on the changes needed for the biggest gains.

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