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The junior golf programme is a unique and dynamic programme which strives to develop juniors from grass roots level all the way up to elite competitive golfers.

Our aim is to create well rounded individuals that are prepared for lifelong physical activity, whilst at the same time igniting a passion for the game of golf in thousands of children across the UK.

The junior golf programme follows the motto PERSON first, ATHLETE second and GOLFER third and aspires to create highly skilled golfers through a holistic approach to development, which considers technical. physical, psychological and social aspects.

The group based lessons last 1 hour and take place week day evenings and Saturdays throughout school term times, usually in terms of 5 or 6 weeks.

Where possible, the groups are based on ages not abilities.

Cost is £9 each week and includes golf membership and access to the junior golf activities run by the junior organiser.

There is a half price introductory first full term offer for new juniors.

If you would like to learn more about the junior programme, book your child into one of the groups or arrange a free taster session please contact me 

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