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To book your lesson using my online diary please click below and follow the instructions to 'book an appointment' and then pick your lesson.

Long game lessons will take place on the covered driving range here at Belton Woods. All lessons on the driving range use TrackMan 4 radar to give accurate data to help with the analysis of your golf shots. Along with this I use face on and down the line camera views so that each and every swing is recorded and is able to be played back to you to help with any swing changes you need to make. Post lesson, analysis will be uploaded to your own personal CoachNow training space for you to refer to when practicing.


New client introductory 1 hour - £30

1 hour - £55

4 x 1 hour - £170

6 x 1 hour - £240

8 x 1 hour - £300

10 x 1 hour -£350

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